Information, Education and Communication (IE/BCC)

To help community members bring about desired behavioral change and protect themselves from infection, Mekdim conveys HIV/AIDS education using print Media, Coffee ceremony and organizing music and drama shows, personal testimonies and sport festivals that are mostly performed by PLWHA and OVC and continuous Support Group meetings.


Mekdim provides psychosocial support (adherence counseling services) at individuals, couples, families and groups levels for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Provide adherence counseling and follow up services for PLWHA under ART (at individual, couple, group and family levels), Provide basic training on ART, adherence counseling and case management for the volunteers.

Palliative Care (Clinical and Non-clinical)/Home Based Care

Mekdim provides home based care service like medical treatment, counseling, nutritional support, physical care, personal and environmental hygiene to critically sick and bedridden patients via trained volunteers (care givers) and health professionals.

Medical and Nursing Care

Mekdim provides medical care through referral the clinics. The treatment is offered by health professionals, case managers to PLWHA so as to diagnose opportunistic infections. In collaboration with hospitals, health centers and other clinics PLWHA who are in need of medical care will be refereed.

Social Support

Mekdim provides its clients (PLWHA and OVC) and members of their immediate families with shelter (House rent), food, clothing, education (including Vocational Skill training) and Income generating activities/livelihood supports.

Legal support

The association gives legal services to people living with HIV, OVC and their families to protect them from human rights’ abuses by educating them and through referral.

OVC Support

Mekdim has been implementing a separate OVC Care and support services in partnership with CBOs and international NGOs to address the diversified needs of Orphans and other Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) and families and improve their well-being.