Adama Branch

Adama branch

About Mekdim Adama Branch brief profile

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association, Adama branch established on April 2005 in response to the crisis of Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Adama and the nearby towns. The Branch office known for its comprehensive operation in addressing the needs of OVC and families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. The Branch office is working to    address the organization’s goals and objectives by implementing various programs.                              

Partner’s and Funding

  • USAID through PSI/E
  • World Bank through Management Agency

Programs \Projects over view

 Each program contact person

Name of project – MULU  MARPs HIV Prevention  Project

  • Name of Donor – USAID through PSI/E
  • Project target group- MARPs(SWs, clients of SWs, OPP, widowed and divorced ,mid and long truck drivers  )
  • Contact Person–MrShewalulGebremichael
  • Cell Phone+251 912 013297

Name of project-Ethiopia Social Accountability Phase 2 (ESAP2)  project

  • Name of Donor– World Bank through Management Agency
  • Project target group –
  • Contact Person
  •  Branch Official Address
  • Oromia, Adama city, kebele 12, House No. 276-01.
  • Postal Address:P.O. Box —-, Adama, Ethiopia.
  • Telephone Number:      +251-022111-84 25/ 26
  • Fax Number:                      +251-221-11-84-25
  • E-mail address:       

 Branch contact person

  • Haileluel Elias (Branch coordinator)
  • Tel. +251-022-111-84-25
  • Mobile.  +251- 912-22-54-35
  • E-mail. And/or

Branch Finance and Administration Head