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Establishment history

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association of PLHIV and AIDS Orphans was established in 1996 by a group of 3 people living with the virus and 9 Aids orphans. In 1997, it has got a license from Addis Ababa City government to work at regional level. Then, in August 1999, it has got NGO license from the ministry of Justice to operate at National level. The foundation of Mekdim was based on people that were unified by common experiences faced when encountering HIV/AIDS at a time of high stigma, ignorance and discrimination.

 The founders at the beginning used to meet informally in each other’s homes or offices to provide mutual psychological and social support. Cohesion among these individuals was strengthened by the fact that they were either directly infected with HIV or implicitly affected by the epidemic. Consequently, they were able to establish Mekdim (meaning pioneer), which is the first legally registered and presently one of the major PLHIV’s associations in Ethiopia. Currently the association has a total of over 10,000 members (26 % AIDS Orphans & 74% PLHIV). And it has been undertaking various HIV/AIDS Projects/programs in six different areas in the country.

MENA targets HIV Positive persons, Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and Most at Risk Mobile Populations (MARPs). MENA has renewed its license on November 12th, 2009 as an Ethiopian Residents charity according to the charities and societies proclamation No.621/2009 and is legally allowed to continue its contribution to the country’s development strategies with the interventions of various HIV/AIDS prevention, Care and Support services.

 Organization, Vision, mission, Goal ,Objective & core value


  • To see a society that cares and supports PLHIV and AIDS orphans and a generation free of HIV/AIDS.
  •  Addressing the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the protection of the basic needs and human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, their families and dependants, through holistic care and support, education and advocacy.


  • Improve the quality of life of persons and communities infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.
  • Play a leading and exemplary role in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


  • Community–Based, Participatory, PLHIV and AIDS Orphans Centered/focused, Quality and sustainable service delivery, Effectiveness and efficiency, Ethical consideration and Honesty, Integrity, equitability, transparency and accountability

List of Patron and Honorable Ambassadors

Dr. TewedrosAdhanom

Minister of Foreign Affairs  MENA Patron


Ato Kuma Demekesa

Ex Mayor of  Addis Ababa City Administration,  MENA ‘s Honorable Ambassador





Artist Serawit Fikere

Serawit Fikere Multimedia Manager,  MENA Honorable Ambassadors







Ato Solomon Kebere

Tamesole Communication Managing Director MENA Honorable Ambassadors

 Operational Areas

  •  City Administration of Addis Ababa
  • Amhara Regional National State
  • Oromia National Regional State


  • Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Minstry of Justice Charities and Societies agency,
  • Ministry of Health (MoH),
  • Regional & Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Offices,
  • Concern Ethiopia,
  • Care Ethiopia,
  • Geneva Global,
  • Save the children USA,
  • American Jewish World Service (AJWS),
  • Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA),
  • Land O’LAKES,INC,
  • Pathfinder International,
  • DAI (Development Alternatives, INC.),
  • PSI (Population Service International,
  • PATH International,
  • Tulane University,
  • CAFOD Ethiopia and more than 50 CBOs and 400 PLHIV Associations operate in different areas of the country


MENA is the founder member of NEP+ (Net works of Net work Ethiopian People Living with HIV), National partners Forum, & NAP+ (we had been members since 2000), Founder & member of A.A Net Work of Care and Support provider organization.

Official Address

  • Official Address:              Addis Ababa, Arada Sub city, kebele, 13, House No. 461.
  • Postal Address:                P.O. Box 31218, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Telephone Number:      +251-111-23 24 08/ 251-111-22 88 44/43
  • Fax Number:                      +251-111-23 24 09
  • E-mail address:                 mekdimeth@gmail.com

Contact person: 


  • Menelik Negussu
  • (Program Manager)
  • Tel. +251-111-23 40 41/23 24 08 Mobile:
  • +251- 911 316339
  • E-mail:menelikn87@gmail.com


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Establishment history

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association of PLHIV and AIDS Orphans was established in 1996 by a group of 3 people living with the virus and 9 Aids orphans." data-share-imageurl="">