The effect of IMpower program on the behavioral changes of girls toward HIV and violence prevention in Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia

Title of the Research Project: The Effect of IMpower Program on the Behavioral Changes of Girls Toward HIV and Violence Prevention in Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia

Principal Investigator: Mekdim Ethiopia National Association

Donors: American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Introduction: This information sheet is prepared for adolescent girls who have completed IMpower training through local implementing partners (LIPs) involved in the family-focused HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment project in Addis Ababa. It aims to clarify the research project, data collection procedure, and to obtain permission to conduct the research.

Purpose of the Research: To assess the effect of the IMpower program on the behavioral changes of 10-14-year-old adolescent girls toward HIV and violence prevention in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July 2024.

Procedure: Adolescent girls who have completed the IMpower training in FY23 will be asked to respond to a structured questionnaire based on their understanding during the data collection period from July 10-12, 2024.

Risk and Discomfort: There is no anticipated risk in participating in this research. Participants have the right to not fill out the questionnaire if they feel uncomfortable or expect any risk.

Benefits: While there is no direct benefit for the participants, the research’s findings will have a significant impact on project planning and policy making, indirectly benefiting the participants and others.

Confidentiality: All collected information will be kept confidential and stored without names.

Right to Refuse or Withdraw: Participants have the full right to refuse participation, not respond to any questions, or withdraw from the study at any time without losing any benefits from the project.

Incentives: No incentives or payments will be provided for participation in this project.