Ongoing Project

MENA Project Profile

Mekdim Ethiopia National association has been implementing various project activities within four regions and one city of administration of Ethiopia with USG and Non-USG project fund support. Particularly the association has an excellent reputation for executing USAID-funded programs.



Global Fund


ART Clinic

USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention , Care and Treatment Services (FFHPCT)

The Goal of the project is to Strengthen local epidemic control and contribute to the attainment of 95-95-95 goal by reinforcing the role of community structures.
The specific objectives of the project are;
    • To provide targeted HIV testing service for priority population with integrated referral linkages.
    To support PLHV in maintaining their adherence and retention, so that they will have suppressed viral load
  • To address HIV infected and affected OVC with integrated services and
  • To support OVC and their care givers to engage on VSLA to improve their economic problem.
Geographical coverage :  120 Districts, 10 Sub cities with in Addis Ababa City Administration
Donor : USAID (Direct Funding)

Strengthening Citizens’ Voice In Oromia (Ethiopian Social Accountability Program ESAP III)

The objective of this project is to make basic service delivery more equitable, effective, efficient, responsive and accountable through strengthen the use of social accountability tools.

Geographical coverage
: The project has been implemented in 24 Woredas in Jimma , Illibaboure and Buno Bedele Zones of Oromia National and Regional  States.

Donor :
World Bank through the facilitation of the Management Agency (MA)

Global Fund

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USAID MULU Key Population Activity MULU-KP

The project aims at Increasing the availability and accessibility of high-quality, comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for key and priority populations (KP/PP) in select priority geographic areas; and Strengthening the enabling environment to facilitate access to comprehensive HIV services for KP/PP and improve evidence-based decision making through planning,  monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

MENA Community Based ART Clinic

The main reasons that provoked MENA to establish the clinic were challenges related to affordability and accessibility of OI and ARV services. At the time when the clinic was established PLWHA were requested expensive service’s fee to access medical care, both in terms of   the time needed to travel to services areas as well as financial costs of services and drugs. Hence, the main objective of MENA’s ART community based ART clinic establishment to provide quality and comprehensive HIV prevention and treatments for PLWHA.
Geographical coverage : Addis Ababa City Administration (Arada and AkakiKality Sub cities)
Donor :