USAID-Funded Faith-Based ART Adherence and Retention Intervention Semi-Annual Review Meeting takes place!
June 27, 2024 No Comments News Mena Admin

The semi-annual review meeting of the USAID-funded Faith-Based ART Adherence and Retention intervention was held recently, bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors. The event saw the active participation of MoH, regional health office delegates, religious leaders, and implementing partners, highlighting the collaborative effort in enhancing HIV/AIDS adherence and advocacy through faith-based approaches. The review meeting was organized by Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (MENA) as prime partner and Inter religious Council of Ethiopia (IRCE) through the financial support of USAID.
The meeting commenced with opening remarks from Ministry of Health multisectoral directorate Desk Lead Mr Habatamu, who emphasized the importance of community involvement and faith-based initiatives in improving ART adherence and retention rates. He lauded the progress made so far and reiterated their commitment to supporting such interventions. Several presentations were delivered by IRCE , showcasing the progress, challenges, and success stories of the intervention by religious fathers’ representatives from healing sites.
The semi-annual review meeting served as a crucial platform for evaluating the progress of the Faith-Based ART Adherence and Retention intervention. The active participation of regional health office delegates, religious leaders, and implementing partners underscored the collective commitment to combating HIV/AIDS through innovative and inclusive approaches. Moving forward, the collaboration between these stakeholders is expected to further strengthen the intervention, bringing hope and improved health outcomes to many more individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

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