A new youth based project launching takes place at MENA .
April 2, 2023 No Comments News Mena Admin

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (MENA) and SOS Enfants Ethiopie Burayu Orphanage center come to an agreement to implement a project aimed to strengthen comprehensive psychosocial services and capacity building activities for youths at SOS Enfants Ethiopie Burayu Orphanage center. As part of the its inception and startup activities, MENA and SOS Enfante Ethiopie Burayu Orphanage center conduct program launching workshop and experience sharing visit with the presence of organizations officials all target youths and invited stakeholders at Addis Ababa.
MENA will continue to work on youth-based programs to address the need of youths on the area of empowerment, soft and employability skills partnering with all partners and stakeholders using its 28 years community service.
Let us work together to serve youths for the betterment of community. #MENA

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