MENA conducted staff’s reflection workshop.
October 14, 2023 Comments Off on MENA conducted staff’s reflection workshop. Uncategorized Mena Admin

Mekdim Ethiopia National Association (MENA) as pioneering members association of peoples living with HIV/AIDS is implementing different projects that support target communities and members of the association.

As per the plan of one of the implementing projects named USAID Family Focused HIV prevention treatment and care program in Addis Ababa City, MENA conducted its program, admin and management staff’s reflection workshop.

The workshop aimed to discuss MENA 2023 program and organizational results, lessons and challenges with the presence of all staffs. The session was successful in celebrating all successes, discussing all challenges and making next action plans for improvements. On the completing program year, MENA achieved many successes’ and obtained remarkable program results and assessment outputs . On top of this, different publications are published and few are on pipeline which increases MENA and its program visibility

MENA management also assures its commitment to lead the organization in a way to serve the direct beneficiaries in all program interventions while making all possible to satisfy and appreciate its staffs by talking mentioned areas of improvements with great synergy and cooperation with all staffs as part of  the coming program implementation years .

MENA needs to acknowledge the continues effort of its dedicated staffs, donors  stakeholders, local implementing partners, all community actors and volunteers for the continuous organizational and program success .


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